Science and NATTURA®


Onions don't lie
or the scientifically proven biological suitability of Nattura products

The human body is a perfect biosystem in which thousands and thousands of processes are constantly taking place. But one thing is true  without water, the human body would not exist, nor would it be able to perform all its functions. And the biological suitability of water is crucial for the optimal functioning of our organism.

Nattura® technology has been tested with the standardised Allium test, also known as the onion test, which verifies the genotoxicity of water, soil, air and other media. What does it mean if a medium is genotoxic? It means that it can damage our DNA.

How healthy water is is a question that should we should not ignore. Its message, entangled in what is today known as biological science, opens the door to the world of knowing that we can determine the quality of water by observing the growth of roots and chromosomes in the cells of the common onion. The development and growth of the roots give a straightforward indication of the suitability for life of the water in which they have grown. Looking at a cell, and even more so looking at the chromosomes inside it, gives a very accurate picture of the quality of the water, or rather the answer to the question of how healthy the water is.

According to the results of the general toxicity (root length of the test plants) and genotoxicity levels (chromosome damage in the meristem cells of the roots) between the sample studied, the positive control and the negative control, the genotoxicity level of the sample treated with Nattura® technology is reduced by more than 80 %. Such water is well over half as harmful to our bodies. And because water is constantly circulating, including the water we shower with and the water we drink, we are also returning to nature better water that is less toxic and dangerous to other living organisms.
with Nattura®, water can do more for you, and you can do more for it and for nature.

Calcium carbonate in water flowing through a NATTURA® catalyst changes its crystalline structure, transforming from a harder, calcite form to a softer, chalky, aragonite form up to about 90 percent. In this form, limescale does not accumulate on the walls of pipes, on the shower handle, in the shower unit, in the bath, etc. The softer aragonite calcium carbonate is simply washed away by the water.