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All content on www.nattura.si and its subpages is copyright protected. The owner, manager, provider and seller is the legal entity Lea Grlj s.p., Kraška ulica 2, 6210 Sežana. The website (including all its sub-sites) is intended for personal use and general information only. When using the website (browsing, obtaining information, purchasing, etc.), you are deemed to have accepted the general terms and conditions of service set out on this page. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you are not to use the website (browse, obtain information, purchase, etc.). We reserve the right to change the General Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notice. All changes shall take effect immediately upon amendment.


The Terms and Conditions and all information are available to the user in Slovene and English on the website. Online purchase and sale contracts are concluded in the Slovenian language and are also available to the user on the nattura.si website.

The website operator will endeavour to ensure that information such as the essential characteristics of the products, the price, the conditions of delivery and purchase, the methods of payment, the complaints procedure, etc. are up-to-date and accurate. The website operator also provides photographs of the products and services, which are considered to be of a symbolic nature and do not necessarily guarantee the characteristics of the products or services. The content published does not have the character of an official document, except where explicitly stated. We reserve the right to change the content of the website at any time and without prior notice for technical, legal, commercial or other reasons.

The website operator ensures that all services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but does not guarantee that the electronic services will operate without interruption, without problems, errors or omissions, nor does it guarantee effectiveness of the use of these services. Any criminal or civil  liability for loss or impairment of data or any other incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages arising out of the use of, or the inability to use the website is excluded, including loss of revenue or anticipated profits, loss of goodwill, business or data, technical errors, errors in pricing, delivery times, product descriptions or malfunctioning of the website without any limitation.

To the extent permitted by law, any liability of Lea Grlj s.p. or any other legal or private entity (hereinafter referred to as "other entity") involved in the creation and production of the www.nattura.si website is also excluded.

The website contains so-called cookies in order to fulfil the purpose of the smooth operation of the website. The operator does not collect any personal data about visitors to the website.



Images and texts are for information purposes only. It is also understood that the images, texts, data and information are useful only as a source of general information and are not a substitute for consultation with a doctor or pharmacist. You should always consult your personal doctor or pharmacist regarding your health or illness.

The information has been taken from professional literature and texts published on various websites, as well as from information provided to us by users of the products. All information and texts are supported by various tests and studies, which have not necessarily been validated by the competent European authority. Although we take the utmost care in compiling the information we publish and ensure that it is correct, complete and up-to-date, we exclude all liability for material and legal errors in the information and we shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage or inconvenience that may result from the user's inability to use or make use of any incorrect or incomplete information contained in our promotional material. If you bring errors to our attention, we will endeavour to correct them as soon as possible.

The Administrator may, at its sole discretion, terminate, prohibit or prevent (temporarily or permanently) access to and use of the www.nattura.si website.


Every visitor to the website is also considered to be a user of the website. The user is obliged to use the website and the electronic services on the website www.nattura.si in accordance with the applicable regulations and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. The user may use the services only in his/her own name and on his/her own account and on behalf of those business entities for which he/she has a valid authorisation or other legal basis in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Minors may not use the services of www.nattura.si. If we suspect that a user of the website is a minor, we reserve the right to refuse the purchase. We also reserve the right to refuse purchase to any user who violates the terms and conditions or to any user without a valid license to use the website.

The website user explicitly agrees to use the website and all electronic services solely at his/her own risk. The content and functionality of the website shall be considered to be made available to the user within the scope of these Terms and Conditions. The user has no additional rights.

The user expressly undertakes not to act unlawfully, to violate applicable law, to compromise information security or to encourage third parties to act unlawfully when using the website and electronic services. Any misrepresentation, infringement of intellectual property rights, infringement of copyright, unauthorised collection of information, interference with the work process, provision of false information, etc. shall be deemed to be a violation of the website's terms and conditions. The user assumes all civil and criminal responsibility for such actions.

The user explicitly agrees that all data, information and documents provided are accurate and correct.



The www.nattura.si website is open to all legal or private entities, without the need to register or log in to view the site or to make a purchase (a "Quick Purchase"). The user may, at his/her own discretion, request the deletion of his/her user data at any time. The user agrees to use the website in accordance with these terms and conditions.

The invoice for the goods ordered shall be issued electronically or in paper form, with itemised charges, and shall be forwarded to the customer by e-mail or together with the package.



Before placing an order, the customer may check the information he has filled in for the purpose of placing the order. In case of an incorrect entry, the customer has the possibility to correct any errors. If he/she finds that the information is correct, he/she confirms the order by clicking on "Place order".



An order on the www.nattura.si website is confirmed when the customer confirms it by clicking on "Place Order" when placing an order.

The customer may cancel an order in the following ways:

- by sending an e-mail to info@nattura.si within one hour requesting cancellation of the order.

The website manager may refuse an order which cannot be completed under the conditions stated or for any other reason in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. If the seller is unable to fulfil its obligations (goods are out of stock, the buyer is a minor, any other reason), the administrator will notify the customer and refund any payments previously made in the same way as if it were a withdrawal from the contract.



The purchase contract (sale and purchase agreement) is concluded after the order has been confirmed. The customer is then considered to have given his consent to the dispatch of the goods. The contract of sale (order) is stored electronically in the Slovene language on the server of the website www.nattura.si.

The customer (a private individual who acquires or uses goods and services for purposes outside his/her professional or commercial activity) has the right to withdraw from the contract and return the purchased goods within 14 days of delivery of the goods, without any compensation, except in the cases provided for in these Terms and Conditions.

The customer is obliged to notify the seller of his withdrawal from the contract within the time limit referred to in the above paragraph, without being obliged to give reasons for his decision. The customer shall send the notification to the following e-mail address: info@nattura.si.

The return of the goods received within 14 days of delivery without prior written notice shall also be considered as withdrawal from the contract. The customer must return the goods received under the contract from which he has withdrawn to the supplier at the same time as the withdrawal notice or at the latest within 30 days of the withdrawal notice being sent.

The customer must return the goods received undamaged and in unchanged condition, unused and in their original packaging. It must be accompanied by a copy of the invoice and any other related documents. Any costs of return shall be at the expense of the customer, including and in particular the shipping costs.

The seller shall not be obliged to accept consignments with a ransom note or consignments which do not comply with the provisions set out in these Terms and Conditions.

Refunds shall be made exclusively to the bank account as soon as possible or at the latest within 30 days from the date of the notification of withdrawal from the purchase and after receiving the returned products.


Withdrawal from the contract is not possible for contracts which are subject to:
- products that have been used, damaged or are not in their original packaging
The seller will not accept a returned item if it shows any signs of use:
- in the case of sealed equipment, the seal (e.g. the original label) is broken or damaged;
- opened contents or damaged packaging and damage to the packaging;
- mechanically damaged goods;
- if the customer has not properly and adequately protected the returned goods for transport.


If the product ordered does not have the physical characteristics promised by the seller, or if the seller has dispatched the wrong product, in the wrong quantity, etc., the customer may claim the products by written notice addressed to info@nattura.si. In case of incorrect delivery of the product, the customer must immediately notify the seller, who will seek to resolve the complaint as soon as possible.
The seller will reply to the written notification within 8 working days after receiving of the notification. If he finds that the claim is unjustified, he will inform the customer and return the product to him at his expense if it has already been delivered back to the seller.
The customer may, as part of the claim, request either a replacement of the product or a refund of the purchase price (in this case the purchase price may be reduced for the time the product has been used, but not more than by the amount by which the market value of the product has decreased as a result of its use).
The seller has the right to refuse a complaint in the following cases:
- if the products have not been returned in their original packaging;
- if the customer fails to provide a copy of the invoice;
- if the products are sent to the seller's address with a ransom note;
- if the products have been mechanically damaged or any defects have been caused due to improper packaging and dispatch.
The seller shall not be liable in the following cases:
- if the damage to the products is caused by improper use, negligent or intentional conduct of the customer (or third parties), mechanical damage and defects caused by force majeure or natural disasters;
- damage caused during transport by the deliverer.


By making a purchase, the customer agrees to be notified from time to time by e-mail of company news and promotions. He can unsubscribe from promotional emails at any time by following the link provided in the email.


This website and all sub-sites are owned and operated by Lea Grlj s.p., Kraška ulica 2, 6210 Sežana. The company does not guarantee that the content of this website complies with European legislation or the legislation of other countries. Therefore, anyone accessing the website from other countries will access and use the website at their own risk and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. All users must ensure that they use the website in accordance with the applicable laws of the countries from which they access it. If any provision of the Terms and Conditions is inconsistent with applicable law or is invalid for any other reason, this does not mean that the Terms and Conditions are invalid, but that term shall simply be deleted from the Terms and Conditions. The user is obliged to draw our attention to such a provision.
Users may address their opinions, enquiries, comments, complaints, objections, returns, claims, etc. to info@nattura.si. We are not responsible for the opinions of users, nor are the opinions of users regarded as our opinions.
Any complaints shall be dealt with by the manager as a matter of priority and in a spirit of good business cooperation. For this purpose, the manager will acknowledge having received the written complaint and inform the customer of the progress of the procedure and the estimated time of the review within 8 days.
If any dispute between the customer and the service provider cannot be resolved by agreement by means of a complaint resolution method, the dispute shall be settled before a court of competent jurisdiction.

The Terms and Conditions have been approved by the Director of Nattura, Lea Grlj s.p., with effect from the date of incorporation of the company on 1 July 2022.

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