How does NATTURA® technology work?

NATTURA® technology revitalises water by transferring information from the carrier of that information (a ceramic or crystalline catalyst ) into the water, changing its structure and thus its biological suitability, making it significantly more friendly for all uses, for all organisms and for nature as a whole.

Why is NATTURA® useful?

NATTURA® technology reduces the genotoxicity of water by more than 80% and scale by 90%. Water becomes soft and alive — just as all organisms need it. It is more bioavailable and better able to perform all its many functions.

What is genotoxicity?

Genotoxicology (gene toxicology) is an interdisciplinary scientific field that studies the harmful effects of various factors on genetic material. Genotoxicity is the ability of a chemical to destroy or damage the genetic material of a cell and cause mutations (changes in genetic information). Damaged DNA can lead to cancer, genetic diseases or birth defects. It can also cause cytotoxicity and destroy cells. NATTURA® technology reduces the genotoxicity of water by more than 80%, as proven by Allium tests.

Who can use NATTURA® products?

NATTURA® products are suitable for all users of water, that is for all humans, but also for animals and plants.

Do the products have any health effects?

Revitalised water has a good effect on the skin and hair and, when consumed, on the whole organism, as it is more biologically suitable and thus able to perform all the functions in the body better. So the body is more easily in balance, and when it is in balance, it is healthier, meaning that water informed by NATTURA® products has a positive effect on health.

How do I install and use NATTURA® products?

Simply screw the Informed Shower Nozzle between the mixer and the hose or between the hose and the shower arm.

The Home Unit should be installed at the main water inlet to the house, usually behind the meter. Installation is easy for anyone working with water supply systems.

The Universal Informed Ceramic Tube is designed for a wide variety of uses. Whatever water you put it in will be improved, be it drinking water, bath water, water for animals, water for watering plants, etc.

Does the nozzle fit every shower?

The dimension is universal and fits all fittings, hoses and shower handles. It can be difficult to fit to older fittings where the thread is damaged or not clean (e.g. due to limescale). In this case, we recommend cleaning or replacing the hose and/or shower arm.

How long do the products last and what about maintenance?

All products are guaranteed to be 100% effective for a period of 5 years. Just install the products and enjoy the quality water. Once installed, NATTURA® products do not require any special maintenance, electrical supply or any other additional costs.

What happens to limescale, chlorine and other impurities in the water?

NATTURA® technology is not about mechanical water filtration, which requires appropriate filters (osmosis or activated carbon). All impurities leave their information trace (deformation) in the water structure even after mechanical removal. With NATTURA® technology, the structure of the water is restored to an orderly state, even if the impurities have not been mechanically removed before. This reduces their harmful effect on all living organisms.

For example, chlorine remains in the water and continues to perform its disinfecting function, but due to the change in the structure of the water, it has no odour and no harmful effect on humans. This is also the case for other impurities in water.

Limescale changes from a hard, calcitic form to a soft, aragonitic form. In this form, it is not deposited on appliances and bathroom fittings, as it is simply washed away by the water.

Is NATTURA® compatible with other water improvement technologies such as filtration, ionisation, UV disinfection, etc.?

NATTURA® is compatible with, but not a substitute for, these technologies. In a multi-step water quality improvement process, we recommend that revitalisation with NATTURA® is the last step in this chain, that is to inform the water after mechanical filtration, ionisation, disinfection, etc.

Is there anyone for whom the use of NATTURA® products is not recommended?

NATTURA® products make water more biologically suitable for all organisms and are therefore suitable and recommended for all humans, animals and plants.