Vision and Values


The quality, usefulness and accessibility of NATTURA® technology has given rise to our team's simple vision:


The NATTURA® values are interconnected and complement each other, and enable the NATTURA® team members, colleagues and customers to be interconnected and complement each other.


In addition to the quality of our products, the quality of our relationships within our team, with our partners and with our customers is also important to us. In all areas, we cultivate quality based on knowledge, professionalism and humanity.


We take our work seriously and we take responsibility for it. We are also socially responsible with cutting-edge technology and quality products that are useful and accessible to community.


We know that we can't always agree on everything, but we can always respect each other. Respect is the cornerstone of our relationships with our colleagues, our customers and the environment in which we live, of which water is an important part.


Integrity, which we cherish as a value, is reflected in the quality and accessibility of NATTURA® products, and in communication and relationships, which is why we work hard and sleep well.


We trust each other in the NATTURA® team, and we trust our partners and customers, knowing that we are all human beings first, and that it is humane to trust and be trusted.