The Nattura® Team

Lea Grlj, ustanoviteljica in idejna vodja

Lea Grlj

Founder and Conceptual Leader

When Lea laughs, you can't stop yourself from joining in. There's nothing better than a laugh that comes from the heart. And her persistence and commitment to her goals are just as contagious. She doesn't give up until she has achieved what she set out to do, but she is always looking for ways to do things better. Her extensive business experience in running a family business comes in particularly useful in this regard. She is diligent and likes order, and when she sets her mind to something, she wants to get it done as swiftly as possible. And if she doesn't know how to do something yet, she'll learn. Her attitude and positive approach makes her a role model for the whole team.


 Grega Jesenovec, ustanovitelj in idejni vodja

Grega Jesenovec

Founder and Conceptual Leader

Grega is a visionary who never runs out of energy and finds it hard to stay still for long. Having worked for many years as a personal and business consultant, nothing escapes his keen sense of observation. Where others see problems and obstacles, he sees opportunities and challenges. It is no coincidence that he is the one who leads the team and he is guided by respect, integrity and a motto: never do harm others on the way to your goals. He is a dedicated researcher, always ready to learn something new, a constant generator of ideas and a meticulous analyst. The only thing that he really doesn’t like is writing. He says he can tell and explain anything to anyone, as long as he doesn't have to put it down on paper.

Expert Advisory Group 

Dr. Peter Firbas
Peter Firbas, university bachelor's degree in biology

Dr. Jurij Yatsko
Dr. Yuri Yatsko, physicist

Tatjana Trajkovska
Tatjana Trajkovska, MD, Specialist in Family Medicine

Lara Kralj
Lara Kralj, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Ana Vanić
Ana Vanić, graduate physiologist

Aplonija Brin
Apolonija infinity, certified TCM consultant

Maja Nosan
Mag. Maja Nosan, Landscape Architecture Engineer

Barbra Jermann
Barbra Jermann, journalist, editor