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Who is Grega?

Greetings. The opening question is seemingly simple, but we humans are interesting beings, a bit mysterious because of our spiritual dimension, and the essence is not visible to the eyes. What is visible to the eyes is that I am a researcher, a psychologist, an entrepreneur, a father... and the mastermind behind NATTURA®, But above all, I am human.

Life experience has taught me that our mission in life can change over the course of a lifetime. As a person progresses, grows and changes, so can his mission. I would say that my awareness of the importance of solving problems and working for the good of people has grown over time. This is certainly one of my missions and the common denominator of all my work so far. First in working with people and now in improving water.
For more than two decades, I have helped people individually who have turned to me for help. Of course, I have also been educating and researching all along the way. This journey has brought me to a point where I have decided to turn my attention elsewhere  to the NATTURA® brand, where we are successfully addressing water quality problems, improving the quality of life for a wide range of people. This makes me happy and motivates me.

The idea has been a long time coming, as my stepfather has been involved in water research for more than three decades. I have learnt a lot from him and I can say that the idea is the result of many years of work of two generations. It has matured because we have reached an exceptional level of quality on a global scale and therefore felt obliged to offer these products to a wider range of users.

NATTURA® is a water restructuring technology that significantly improves water quality. It is the result of our own development. Water is a fundamental and increasingly precious commodity for everyone, but unfortunately its quality is steadily deteriorating. This has a bad impact on the well-being and health of all living things. NATTURA® is an affordable technology that makes water soft, living and life-friendly. But of course it is not just technology. 

We all take showers and the skin is our largest organ. The quality of the water we use is very important.
Testing the device in Slovenia and around the world (from Hawaii to Ho Chi Minh City, from Abuja to Zurich) has shown that there are three main reasons to use it:
  •  feeling good after a shower, because the positive effect of good water on people's well-being and health has been known since time immemorial;
  •  economic, because it reduces both the need for additional skin and hair care products and the use of cleaning agents to remove limescale deposits;
  •  ecological, because it reduces the use of bottled water and cleaning products, thereby also reducing the use of plastic packaging that threatens our environment.
Of course, the Informed Shower Nozzle is not our only product. There are also Informed Glass, the Universal Informed Ceramic Tube and the Home Unit, which provides quality water throughout the household and for all purposes  personal hygiene, drinking, cooking, watering plants, animal care, etc.

The NATTURA® are also people — the whole NATTURA® team, our vision, our values, our partners and our users. I should also mention that, as a team and due to the high level of interest, we have an open door for new collaborators to get a feel for what we do and become a part of our story .

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For advice, to place an order and for any benefits even when ordering online, you are welcome to contact the NATTURA® customer service team:

Lea, +386 40 291 790 or
Grega, +386 41 649 761 or
Tanja +386 68 636 499 or  

On behalf of myself and the NATTURA® team, thank you in advance for your trust.

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