NATTURA® at the 52nd Nature - Health Fair

NATTURA® presented itself at the 52nd Nature - Health 2022 and at the end of the fair Lea answered some interesting questions in a short interview.

A.J.: We see that NATTURA® is at Nature - Health for the first time. Why the first time and what are your impressions at the end?

LEA: The NATTURA® story is 30 years old in terms of technology development, but NATTURA® as a company is young. So this is the first time we are meeting, but from our experience, it will certainly not be the last time. The fair is very well organised and we had a great time in the company of other exhibitors and especially the visitors.


A.J.: You said you were a young company. What was the response of visitors to the NATTURA® presentation?

LEA: To be honest, we were all very surprised by the response in many ways. We were surprised by people's awareness on the issue of water, the quality of which is deteriorating everywhere. We also didn't expect so much interest in the products and openness to information about the products and how the technology works. But I have to say that we were not the only ones who were surprised, for example one visitor described NATTURA® technology by saying that it sounds too good to be true.


A.J.: Is it?

LEA: It is purely physical principles at work. NATTURA® technology works independently of whether anyone believes in it or not. The results are constant and reproducible, as proven by internationally recognised scientific allium tests. We have also received an innovation award from the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce. Above all, we noticed that everything we said about the features and benefits of the technology was given even more credibility when visitors tasted the ordinary tap water on the fairground that we had revitalised with NATTURA® technology. A very common response was "Wow!" So the short answer to the question is: it is true.


A.J.: What is exactly that impressed the visitors the most?

LEA: Several things. As mentioned before, the quality of the water they tasted. The absence of smell and taste of chlorine and pipes, but also the percentage of reduction of limescale and genotoxicity, which is the harmfulness of impurities in the water to all living organisms. It turns out that what means a lot to people is that the solution is long-lasting. It requires no special maintenance and no additional investments such as changing filters, etc., and that it perfectly complements the mechanical water filtration systems that are already installed in many facilities. And of course, affordable prices.


A.J.: I have the impression that as a young company you are quickly establishing yourself. What's the reason for this?

LEA: That's true. Everything is happening very quickly and intensively, but the water quality is also deteriorating fast. A big motivation for us is to be involved in technology that is good for people and good for nature, so it's good to be going fast in all respects. This is what we wanted, and we have also set our business policy to make NATTURA® products accessible and available to every home. But I would like to emphasise that NATTURA® is a team. We work as a cohesive group, which we see as one of the fundamental building blocks of success. It has always been my dream to develop a successful family business. I would like to make a special mention of my partner Grega, who is also part of the team as a visionary leader. He has been a great support to me all the time and I'm happy that we are working together in a wonderful collaboration. We combine our strengths and complement each other both in our private life and in NATTURA®. But it would not be a team if it was just about us, so I'm truly grateful to all the colleagues who are part of the team and contribute to the success story.