How hard and dead water becomes soft and alive | NATTURA®

Water is essential for physical life on Earth, covering almost three quarters of its surface. It's not for nothing that they say there is no life without water, as 99% of metabolic processes rely on it. Water is also the most efficient medium for the transmission of information, and the secret of this property is in its structure. The water molecule has two poles, positive and negative, which attract each other. Individual water molecules combine to form larger molecules (macromolecules) called clusters. These clusters carry the information code.

Natural source water, living water, is the purest. Its information record or memory code is in harmony with nature. Such water has beautiful crystals, its structure is pure and regular. Living water is friendly to all living organisms, it performs all its functions better — it supports life because this is its original record.

Tap water is relatively cheap, but after long journeys through pipes and contact with different substances, it loses its liveliness, as seen in the increased clusters of its molecules. This phenomenon is typical of most urban water supplies. Although this water is chemically purified, the clusters retain information about the substances that have been removed from it, such as lead, cadmium, nitrates, etc. These are substances that are harmful to life and therefore do not support it, and in the structure of the water this can be seen in the destruction of its otherwise perfect crystalline structure. Hard and dead water can cause many inconveniences and the NATTURA® team is very aware of this, so we have addressed this problem and found a solution.

Products made with NATTURA® technology have information embedded in their molecular structure which, in turn, stimulates the molecular restructuring of the water and, among other things, reducing clusters. The water becomes dew-like, its record is brought back closer to its original one, and it has a whole range of desirable properties:
  • it is softer, and therefore has a beneficial effect on problems such as dry skin, dandruff, dry or oily hair, allergies, atopic dermatitis, dehydration, etc. Skin and hair care with revitalised water requires fewer cosmetic products. The result is youthful skin in a natural way. It is also very suitable for the care of children's skin and sensitive skin in general;
  • has a more pleasant taste;
  • the substances dissolved in it are less effective and aggressive;
  • selectively inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria;
  • soft water facilitates hydration of the organism and improves metabolism;
  • the change in structure makes the water soft and alive, allowing many beneficial effects in all water-related life processes of the organism.
In Slovenia, hard tap water is a constant problem, resulting in limescale - a well-known bathroom nuisance that affects the appearance of bathroom fittings (taps, showers, baths, etc.) and the functioning of taps, showers, washing machines, boilers, etc. The most common way to remove limescale is chemical cleaning. But the problem can also be solved at the root cause. Calcium carbonate in water flowing through a NATTURA® catalyst changes its crystalline structure, changing from a harder, calcite form to a softer, chalky, aragonite form in about 90%. In this form, limescale does not accumulate on the walls of pipes, on the shower handle, in the shower, in the bath, etc. The softer aragonite calcium carbonate is simply washed away by the water.

NATTURA® products thus solve two major water-related problems. They significantly improve its quality and biological suitability and help prevent deposition of limescale.

NATTURA® technology is the result of decades of dedicated research into water and its characteristics. We wanted to ensure that the water we all use is soft and living, as close as possible to its natural source, so we developed four NATTURA® products: the Informed Shower Nozzle, the Informed Glass, the Universal Informed Ceramic Tube and the Home Unit. The products are accessible and designed to enable everyone to use quality water in all areas of application.

Water is important for everyone's health in every way. Because NATTURA® products ensure that it is of good quality, they also make a useful, beneficial and beautiful gift.

The NATTURA® team